Adopt An Eagle


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Public engagement is critical to the survival of eagles re introduced back into Wales. Your support is massively beneficial to the work undertaken to restore habitats and help manage the possible re introduction of these stunning raptors. To help us with the project we have an adopt an eagle scheme where your support will enable us to provide huge help towards the project.

Your support will help us continue critical work such as:
  • Campaigning to protect habitats and landscapes critical to the introduction of Eagles.
  • Monitoring eagle populations to ensure they are healthy and safe from threats.
  • Working with local landowners to increase habitat suitability.
  • Raising public awareness and understanding of issues affecting eagles
As adopters, you will receive:
  1. A personalised certificate
  2. A factbook about the Golden Eagle
  3. A eagle sticker for you to show your support
  4. Access to exclusive footage and pictures
  5. Updates on the eagle project for the year of your adoption
  6. The knowledge that you are helping save this beautiful wild animal


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